Apr 30

wimp, the new Spotify?

I was lucky enough to snatch an invite for wimp that was twittered by @aspiromusic today. Wimp is a competitor of Spotify made by Aspiro Music. Where Spotify offers a free ad-financed version along side the payed Premium account Wimp is a pay-only solution.

There’s no word on pricing on the website, but I cannot imagine it being any more expensive than Spotify at NOK 99 pr. month. So how does Wimp measure up against Spotify.

wimp player, click to enlargeWimp has chosen Adobe AIR as their platform and the player runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and there is talk about a mobile edition as well on the web page.  The client has a fresh and clean UI and for me looks even better than the Spotify UI. They claim to have over 2 million songs in their database, but the best for me is that they have Pink Floyd, something Spotify does not offer.

As with Spotify you can create your own playlists, but with Wimp you can also add artists and albums as favorites, a feature I’ve been missing in Spotify.

As with spotify playback starts in an instance. You just click the song and it starts playing. I don’t know that sample rate or compression they use, but it sounds more than good enough for me.

After testing more, I’ll update the post, but for now this seems good and it has feature the Spotify does not. But even if Spotify is missing my favourite band (Pink Floyd), wimp is missing a lot of others that Spotify has. Which service will win in the end I don’t know, but I feel that paying NOK 100 (about USD 15) pr. month is too much. Unless the price comes down or that the ad-frequency in Spotify goes though the roof I’ll probably go back to free Spotify once the beta is over and wimp becomes a payable service.

See my very subjective feature comparison

Spotify wimp
about 2.7 million songs about 2 million songs
Free and paid Only paid
Genre search No genre search
Playlists Playlists and favourites
Good UI Better UI
Artist radio No artist radio

Right now I’d say Spotify has an edge, but they need too look out for this newcomer or wimp will pass by at high speed and overtake Spotify and the next stretch.

Update: After listening to some music using a good pair of head phones I can tell you that the quality is less than desired. After some investigation it seems their music is 16 bit, 32 kHz, 64 kbit/s, mp4a AAC SBR (no DRM). It’s good enough for playing though my laptop speakers, or on a mobile phone, but when listening on a good set of head phones the lack of sound quality is clearly present. Before I’m even going to consider paying for their service they really need to up the quality something I’m sure they will before they are out of the closed beta phase.

Read more:
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  1. kopmaister@gmail.com

    meee wantzzzz plzzz nonono
    me neeeeeeedz

  2. Cristian

    Spotify has added high bitrate in June 2009 for premium accounts which definitely makes up for the 99 nok.

  3. Pål

    Cristian: For me the bitrate they already had was good enough. My amplifier and speakers or even the headset I use is not high quality enough for me to notice that bitrate was too low (compared to Wimp where even I could hear it).

    For me 99 nok a month is just too high a price, especially since the free ad-based version is so good. When Wimp is released and the prices are known I’ll reconsider which of the two services (if any) I go for. The first one with a client for Windows Mobile and iPhones will probably earn a lot of users.

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